iSpecc are pleased to be partnering with Techni-Modul Engineering who are leading composite industry innovators with a prestigious track record of delivering pioneering turnkey solutions. Producing machines for a variety of composite processes and specialising in robotics and automation Techni-Modul offer a unique proposition for production ‘Optimisation’ with expertise in design and manufacture of equipment with in-house PLC/SCADA control systems and software.

iSpecc bring their technical knowledge of composite production systems to specify and offer the following products and services from Techni-Modul Engineering:


  • Complete automated robotic production cells unifying multiple machines and processes.
  • Integration of PLC/SCAD advanced control systems and bespoke software.
  • Robotic lay-Up and preform cells.
  • Compaction tables.
  • Hot Drape Vacuum Formers.
  • Composite Presses.
  • RTM Press Systems.
  • Ply Cutting / Kitting / Stacking Solutions.
  • Handling Tools.

 Innovative Moulds including:

  • Self Heated Thin Moulds
  • Final Pressure Transfer Moulds
  • Turnkey automated production lines for preforming, compaction, handling, transfer, moulding, unmoulding, cleaning and completion of composites parts.


  • Production Optimisation.
  • Engineering Design.
  • Expertise in composite parts production.
  • Prototyping.
  • Process and production flow simulation, validation and optimisation.
  • Thermal Analysis for heating and cooling.
  • Injection and Flow analysis.
  • Manufacturing solutions.
  • RTM integration.


Techni-Modul Engineering win JEC Innovation Award

Robotized Cell Creating a 3D stacked Preform without Operator Intervention.