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Experts in industrial heating equipment since 1953. SAT are THE leading European company for industrial ovens and furnaces. 

SAT produce a wide variety of thermal applications, specialising in forced hot air convection. A dynamic and creative company, they offer unique design solutions, in-house control systems and have a proven track record of supplying high quality equipment. SAT has the flexibility and responsiveness of a small business and the stability of a large company.

SAT provide the following equipment;

Heating equipment to temperatures up to 750 °C 

  • Industrial Furnaces.
  • Industrial Ovens.
  • Composite Ovens.
  • Tunnel Ovens.
  • Aluminium Alloy Heat Treatment.
  • Industrial Continuous Furnaces.
  • Drum Barrel Ovens.
  • Rotational Moulding & Slush-Moulding Equipment.
  • Turnkey Solutions.

SAT service the following industrial sectors;


Working with the most prestigious customers; AIRBUS, SAFRAN, DASSAULT and EADS, SAT designs industrial heating equipment which is essential in the manufacturing processes of civil or military aircraft and spacecraft, for structural parts and components in aluminium alloy and composite materials.


SAT's industrial heating equipment is a vital part of automotive production lines being utilised by the most prestigious manufacturers and their subcontractors; FAURECIA, VALEO, PEUGEOT, ZF, RENAULT, MICHELIN and AUDI.

General Industry

SAT provides equipment to multiple industries for a vast array of heat treatments.

SAT also provide the following services:

  • Thermodynamic Engineering.
  • Thermal Modelling.
  • 3D Mechanical Design.
  • Design and Production of Electrical Equipment.
  • Design and Build of Supervisory Control Systems.
  • Integration of Built-In Automation Systems. 

With over 60 years experience and more than 15,000 ovens and furnaces produced worldwide, SAT has acquired expertise in mechanical and thermal engineering.


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