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Sairem has 40 years of experience in microwave and radio frequency engineering, bespoke electronic design, application development, process design and production of a standardised range of microwave generators.

Among the numerous models of equipment developed by SAIREM, you can find applications such as:

  • Breakdown of minerals by thermal shock in geology and mineralogy;
  • Sintering of glass and ceramics;
  • Treatment, synthesis and transformation of synthetic resins, thermosetting & thermoplastics, elastomers;
  • Measurement of dielectric properties of materials;
  • Crosslinking of adhesives into thermal insulating materials;
  • Welding, polymerisation and online treatment of plastics;
  • Treatment of fabrics;
  • Manufacturing of special papers;
  • Preparation of casting molds

Sairem has developed a range of microwave and radio frequency products over a wide range of power levels from a few watts up to several hundred kilowatts, covering many industrial and scientific applications.

The present range of products counts more than 150 products covering a wide range of stable generators, all the components required for energy transfer and all the associated technologies to optimise an application: applicators design, plasma generation, radiation control, regulation, automation, protection etc.

More information can be found on our microwave systems and components page.