At last... a project management solution for capital plant specification, procurement and deployment.

iSpecc's knowledge of capital plant goes beyond assistance with design and specification. We offer project management of the procurement and deployment process.

Understanding your objectives and production processes is key. We take the time to analyse your process to specify the optimal equipment solution and help you identify and assess potential suppliers, prepare detailed specifications and scope of works, comprehensive requests for quotation with compliance to health & safety and legislative requirements and give recommendations for final selection. Providing project management for delivery and commissioning of the plant we liaise with multiple service providers to establish the infrastructure necessary to deploy equipment.

Getting the process right can deliver long-term benefits for the life of the plant;

  • Significant productivity increases.
  • Substantially lower running costs.
  • Enhanced reliability. (OEE & TEEP)*
  • Less downtime.
  • Less waste & scrappage.
  • Lower use of consumables.
  • Lower environmental impact.
  • Greater return on investment. 

iSpecc balance the requirement for engineering quality and commercial rationalisation with detailed presentation of cost benefit projections allowing you to make informed decisions.

iSpecc have 'market intelligence' on capital plant suppliers giving real insight to best value and quality with over 30 years capital plant experience demonstrating competent technical and commercial skills.

Trying to implement capital plant projects is demanding. Team members are often put under pressure to achieve projects deadlines whilst still responsible for operations. Often, not surprisingly, they fail to achieve the optimal solution which can have long term diverse negative impacts on your business.

Utilising iSpecc's Project Management services allows you to concentrate on day-to-day operations and achieve the 'opportunity' benefits attained with our dedicated resources. We also offer complete infrastructure programme management.


Aerospace Prime Project Management Case Study.

We achieved significant savings through careful design and specification to deliver long-term benefits;

Capital plant replacement project achievements:
Chemical Use Reduction Savings £28,571 per year
Waste Collection Savings £20,000 per year
Energy Saving £18,066 over 10 years
Evaluation of the Payback Period 24 Months
Return on Investment (10yr) £388,964
Internal Rate of Return 39%
Net Present Value Return (Including interest rate WACC 10%) (10Yr) £219,704
  • Significantly improved Overall Equipment Efficiency.
  • Loss of production due to downtime eliminated. 99% uptime achieved.
  • Large environmental benefits in compliance to company green objectives achieved.
  • Improved (OEE) Overall equipment effectiveness.
  • Improved (TEEP) Total effective equipment performance.