Pinette, also named P.E.I. are world leaders in industrial engineering with numerous awards and multiple patents for their innovative solutions.

P.E.I. supplies forming and testing equipment, production lines and turnkey plant to the worlds largest industrial companies in aerospace, transport, energy and other sectors. They have a proven tack record of delivering design excellence internationally, invest significantly in R&D and are renowned for design and manufacture of state-of-the-art press systems.

Pinette P.E.I. supply the following equipment:

QSP ® Quilted Stratum Process

  • Thermoplastic CFRP Preforming & Forming Line QSP ®.
  • QSP ® Compact Direct Layup 1300. (A composite multi-thickness preform production Unit).
  • One Minute Cycle Times

A PEI Patent Innovation.

ECS Press

  • Eco – 50% less power consumption.
  • Compact – 50% height reduction.
  • Sustainable short stroke press – 80% reduction of hydraulic oil volume.

Hydraulic Press Systems

To a Force from 10kn to 40,000kn and Heat process of 500°C +/- 3°C.

For use with a large array of materials:

  • Heated or None Heated Platen Presses.
  • Composite Press Systems.
  • Pre-preg Carbon Fibre Forming.
  • Resin Transfer Mould Press.
  • Carbon Fibre Compression and Consolidation.
  • Thermoplastic Forming Press.
  • Sandwich Panel Press.
  • Press Stamping.

 Composite Forming Systems

  • Hot Drape Formers.
  • Powder Compression Press Systems.

 Tools, Jigs and Testing

  • NDT – Non-Destructive Testing Equipment and Large Capacity NDT Test Benches.
  • NDI – Non-destructive Inspection Systems.
  • Assembly Jigs and Tools.
  • Integration, Machining and Dimensional Control Centres.
  • Dynamic Stress Test Benches and Full-Scale Control.
  • Small Production Units and R&D Equipment.

 Complete Turnkey solutions including

  • Thermoplastics Forming Production Lines.
  • One Minute Thermoplastic Parts Forming Line - Qsp®.
  • Fully Automated Resin Transfer Moulding Lines for High Volume Part Production.
  • Thermoplastic Stamp Forming Lines.
  • Pick and Place Robotic Systems.



iSpecc are pleased to be appointed Pinette P.E.I. representatives for the UK and Ireland.

 Pinette P.E.I. win JEC Innovation Award for FAST RTM Technology