Advanced Vacuum Ovens complete with iSpecc iControl System


iSpecc's custom-designed advanced vacuum ovens deliver significant production cost savings, energy cost savings, increased production and manufacturing potential. iSpecc offers a full analysis of your process and identification of methods to realise significant improvementsBespoke loading systems and uniquely designed and specified vacuum ovens allow the degassing, heating and cooling of elements within isolated vacuum bags, custom tools or inert gases within the oven.

iSpecc's iControl System, a full aerospace compliant PLC based SCADA system, automates the process whilst providing manual intervention if required, displaying clear live graphics of the progress. iSpecc's iControl collects data on every aspect of the process including temperature, pressure, vacuum level and degassing), enabling analysis and future process improvement.

Built with the latest technology and robust part we achieve unprecedented levels of vacuum with the most advanced vacuum oven control system on the market.

Available features:

  • Bespoke Loading System
    • Custom loading trolley systems for your products and needs.
  • Vacuum Pump Degassing System
    • Chambers can vacuum to 0.1mbar within 10 minutes.
    • Achieves an ultimate pressure of 0.05 - 20 hPa (mbar) within a short time frame.
    • No lubricants or operating fluids required within the compression chamber.
    • Quiet, due to state-of-the-art acoustic design.
    • Robust, with excellent corrosion protection, high vapour tolerance, dust and dirt repellent and outstanding anti-friction properties.
    • Reliable, with excellent long-term stability and wear resistance and high-temperature stability.
    • Compact, with the smallest footprint in the medium to high vacuum pump class.
    • Vacuum pump filtration system removes trace volatile compounds drawn from your products during the degassing process.
  • Pressure System
    • Pressurise the degassing oven with 99.998% pure nitrogen to efficiently heat and cool your products.
  • Water Cooling
    • External water cooling system to ensure moisture isn't passed to the products.
    • Cooling water circulated at a determined flow rate to achieve your desired cooling ramp rate.
  • Nitrogen Cooling
    • Specialist regulator, variable valve and secondary safety gate control the flow of nitrogen into a separate reservoir tank prior to entering the degassing oven, allowing finite volumes of liquid nitrogen to be introduced.
  • Heating System
    • Solid-state semiconductor thyristors allow variable control of electrical power supply to multiple fined electrical shielded elements to precisely control the temperature.
    • Nitrogen assists the transfer of heat from the heating elements to your products.
    • Heat increased at 3°C per minute.
    • Individual thermocouples record the process.
  • Variable Speed Recirculation Fan
    • Increase or decrease temperatures by altering the speed of the recirculation fan.
    • Achieve excellent temperature uniformity and energy savings.
  • Directional Air Flow
    • Ensuring excellent temperature uniformity.
    • Improving heat transfer, reducing process times.
  • iSpecc iControl System
    • Intelligent control and monitoring functionalities.
    • Innovative control features (thermal head, PID Autotune, dynamic stabilisation, valve position control, variable fan control).
    • Allows maximum energy savings.
    • Prolongs the serviceable lifespan of parts.
  • Safety Systems
    • Independent over-temperature controller.
    • Independent over-temperature pressure controller.
    • Mechanical over-pressure value.
    • Nitrogen leak detection system.
    • Automatic 'safe state' hold.
    • Emergency stop system.
    • Independent control system safety.