iSpecc Partner with ALPEX Technologies to provide innovative tooling system solutions


ALPEX Technologies are a leading tool company with deep process know-How and expertise in design and manufacture of tooling systems for composite production. Certified to ISO 9001 & EN 9100 ALPEX have a strong focus on R&D developing tooling and innovative manufacturing technologies.

iSpecc provide in country (UK & Ireland) sales and support for all Alpex Technologies as their UK Agent.

Knowledgeable and experienced in composite materials and manufacturing processes, iSpecc assist in specifying the optimal solution. We design, specify and supply solutions in collaboration with our partners to contribute significant benefits, optimising processes, finding greater efficiencies, cost savings and increased production rates.

Solutions include;

  • Preforming
  • Prepreg Curing
  • Infusion Curing
  • RTM
  • Trimming
  • Assembly
  • Preforming
  • HP-RTM
  • Liquid Compression Moulding
  • Prepreg Compression Moulding
  • SMC Moulding
  • Trimming
  • High Precision Jigs & Tools for CFRP & Titanium Structures
  • Machining Fixtures
  • Welding Fixtures
  • Complex Mechatronic Production Systems

More than just a tool manufacture ALPEX Technologies provide complete solutions including;

  • Automated Closed Mould RTM Production Systems

  • Automated Closed Mould Gap Infusion RTM Production System

  • Lay-up & Curing Tools for Resin Infusion Process

  • CFRP Control Surfaces -  Assembly Jigs

  • CFRP INVAR Tooling for door surrounds

  • CFRP Door Edge Member – LP-RTM Tools

  • LP-RTM Tooling System for integral CFRP structure

  • CFRP Backwall -  Advanced Forming System

  • CFRP Hybrid Wheel – HP-RTM Tool

  • GFRP Industrialized Multi-Cavity HP-RTM System used in for leaf springs

  • CFRP Booster  -  Winding Mandrel System for Resin Infusion

ALPEX are also leading the development of composite hydrogen tanks, additive tooling manufacture, high temperature thermoplastics, Bio Composites manufacture, Active process control and digitalisation.

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