ISOJET manufacture the most advanced Resin Transfer Equipment complete with integrated PLC control systems which are utilised by the worlds prime aerospace, automotive and composite part manufacturing companies worldwide.

Their vast experience in RTM technology results in leading innovation, superb quality and outstanding reliability.

ISOJET Equipment is utilised for Resin Transfer Moulding (RTM), Resin Infusion, Reaction Injection Moulding (RIM), Mixing, Dosing, De-Bulking/De-Gassing, Potting/Over moulding/Encapsulation, Bonding, Casting and Infusion with a range of equipment to meet each requirement. Tailor-made solutions are designed in-house with a dedicated technical design department specifying equipment for specific applications and integration to discrete production machines and entire production lines whether for mono resins or bi-component resins.

iSpecc provide the following ISOJET Equipment directly to the UK & Ireland:


Economical version with limitation on tank capacities - Ideal for small series applications or small castings for RIM injection, RTM injection, Infusion, Potting.

Machine dosing with gear pumps - 2 components.


Modular machine with all options - Ideal for big casting applications for RIM injection, RTM injection or Infusion.

Machine dosing with gear pumps - 2 components.


For resins with high viscosities and for bonding applications.

Machine dosing gear pumps - 2 components.


For RTM injection / RIM injection or for casting resins already mixed into a mould.

System for one component resin.


For injection of one component resin RTM / RIM under pressure 0 to 30 bars.


For RTM Injection / Infusion.

ISOJET Equipment works with a variety of materials; Polyurethanes, Epoxy, Silicones, 1 or 2 component...