iSpecc and Pinette P.E.I are leading providers of testing and inspection systems, offering the most advanced technologies available to fit your needs:

Non-Destructive Testing (NDT):

  • Assembly, machine and nondestructive inspection systems with great precision, operation ease and consideration of all hygiene and safety aspects.
  • Large capacity NDT test bench using ultrasonic testing though the water jet and contact technique.
  • NDT test bench using ultrasonic phased array (UPTA) for ATR 72 wing panels (composite parts).
  • NDT test bench using eddy current testing for tube inspection.

Mechanical Stress Testing:

  • Test bench for structural testing on premium pipe connections, metal-to-metal seals and drilling equipment in compliance with both ISO 13679 and ISO 12835 test requirements.
  • High pressure and temperature testing equipment stimulating the most extreme operational cases.
  • 10,000 to 30,000 kN.
  • Automatic ISO 13679 testing programme.
  • Automatic leakage detection with measurements in real time.
  • Automated control on tension, compression, bending, pressure and temperature and an automatic anti-buckling system.
  • Automatic and quick loading and unloading, minimising test duration.

Dynamic Stress Testing:

  • Testing of large parts or entire subsystems of civil launchers with simple pipe hydrostatic testing to full-scale dynamic test benches.
  • Qualification test bench for ARIANE 5 feeding pipe disconnections, performing kinematic simulations and limit conditions with programming and data gathering systems. With the ability to simulate real speed, acceleration and cryogenic temperature positions, with confirmed availability and 100% reliability.
  • Test bench for re-qualification of VULCAIN 2 cryogenic engine nozzle, with high resistance to acoustic, thermal and vibratory environments.

Static Stress Testing:

  • Test bench for evaluating nuclear launcher components, applying traction and compression (up to 25,000kN), bending and internal pressure.
  • Test bench for evaluating civil launchers, applying traction, compression, bending and internal pressure up to a cumulative stress of 52,000 kN for a mass of 180 tonnes.
  • Test bench for evaluating cryogenic pipes applying shearing stress, distributed effects, internal pressure, deflection and temperature.
  • Test bench for evaluating the interstage structure of launcher and satellite/launcher interfaces, applying traction, compression and bending (up to 500 kN).