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Microwave Chemistry

The principle of microwave assisted chemistry is to very selectively apply a great quantity of energy inside the reaction mixture that is to improve the reaction conditions while also helping to safely improve productivity and to reduce operation costs.

The microwave equipment developed by SAIREM allows the scale-up of results from laboratory scale – from a few grams up to industrial scale – passing by pilot scale, with applications in chemistry, pharmaceutics, biotechnology, mining, the synthesis of nanoparticles and scientific research. The equipment has built-in meters for the direct reading of forward and reflected power, allowing the correct estimation of the energy absorbed by the treated sample, and online product sampling.

SAIREM offers a range of microwave reactors that can be easily integrated into applications for the development of new molecules, microwave chemical synthesis, the synthesis of nanoparticles, vegetal extraction, biotechnology and environmental applications, etc.

Industrial microwave assisted processing in chemistry

The industrial microwave assisted equipment developed by Sairem is the result of several years of research and development in scale-up to industrial scale, with applications in chemistry, pharmaceutics, biotechnology and vegetal extraction, among others.

Sairem’s equipment allows direct measurement of forward and reflected power, allowing correct calculation and measurement of the energy absorbed by the product to be treated. This equipment brings remarkable advantages:

  • High power densities at the core of the reaction, power levels up to 300 kW at 2.45 GHz and 915 MHz;
  • Operation in homogeneous and heterogeneous reactions in gas, liquid or solid phase;
  • Operation in batch or continuous flow;
  • In-process addition of reagents, and products removal & sampling;
  • Shorter treatment times keeping a suitable flexibility to the production needs;
  • Short term return on investment;
  • Minimum footprint, reduced operation costs and short installation time;
  • Numerous standard safety features, alarms and interlocks that automatically monitor and control the equipment to ensure safe and reliable operation at all times

Versatile microwave-assisted continuous flow reactors

SAIREM offers a range of versatile microwave-assisted continuous flow reactors, easy to integrate into a large variety of processes and with capacities that go up to many hundred kilograms per hour.

The 2.45 GHz and 915 MHz continuous flow reactors developed by Sairem are equipped with auger-type stirring systems to ensure good homogeneity of heating and good product transfer through the reactor. Reactors are designed for ease of maintenance, access and cleaning.