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Industrial Microwave Drying Solutions

Obtain optimal results from the application of microwave technology in industrial drying processes.

The properties of microwaves make them very well suited to dry materials in a fast and elegant way. Modern microwave drying systems are all equipped with the necessary safety measures to ensure completely safe processing for both operator and product. Careful design of the process parameters is necessary to obtain optimal results from microwave and radio frequency technologies in drying.

Thanks to their expertise and know-how, SAIREM is able to offer a range of microwave and radio-frequency assisted drying equipment. This equipment associates microwave power with hot air, steam or vacuum, for excellent drying performance in diverse applications such as drying of pharmaceutical products, vegetal products, powders, ceramics, polymers and wood treatment etc.

The equipment proposed by Sairem for microwave-assisted drying offers several major advantages:

  • Selective drying to the core of the product without degradation of delicate materials such as vegetable matter, medicines and medical material;
  • The possibility to remove free and bound water under a controlled atmosphere;
  • Strict control of drying temperatures and pressures: drying at atmospheric pressure or under vacuum;
  • Ventilators to recycle air at variable speed, adapted to process requirements.

All Sairem’s equipment allows easy access for maintenance operations.

Laboratory-scale Microwave and radio frequency drying equipment

SAIREM’s microwave and radio frequency laboratory equipment range, LabotronTM, has been developed to investigate the heating of different products using high frequencies and to assist with the optimisation of process parameters, such as required power, residence time and treatment temperature. They can be easily configured to run in continuous flow or in batch conditions, in view of obtaining reproducible results that can be used in scaling-up to industrial scale.

The LabotronTM FL8000 – 2.45 GHz is a multi-energy microwave oven used by laboratories and industrial companies to investigate the synergy of microwave energy with various other energies and treatment conditions, like hot/cold air, vacuum, inert/controlled atmosphere, etc.

The AMW FOND 120 – 2.45 GHz is a high performance equipment designed for several products such as ceramics, pharmaceuticals etc.

Industrial Microwave and RF drying processes

Sairem’s dryers can be used to dry different products such as pharmaceutical, vegetal, powders, ceramics, polymers, wood etc.

The advantages of Sairem’s dryers are:

  • Selective drying to the core of the product, without degrading delicate materials such as vegetable matter, medicines and medical materials;
  • The possibility to remove free and bound water under a controlled atmosphere;
  • Strict control of drying parameters;
  • Variable air temperature and speed adapted to process requirements;
  • Easy access for undertaking maintenance operations.
  • The products developed by SAIREM are equipped with humidity and air temperature control in view of maintaining a constant level of humidity inside the microwave dryer and to avoid surface damage by quick drying.

A whole range of industrial microwave assisted drying equipment

SAIREM offers a range of dryers operating at microwave frequencies (915 MHz and 2.45 GHz) and radio frequencies (13.56 MHz, 27.12 MHz and 40.68 MHz), depending on the product to dry.

SAIREM also offers made-to-measure drying systems even under the most demanding operating conditions, such as drying quartz powder for optical applications or for drying medicines or medical products.

The capacity of the dryers developed by SAIREM depends on the drying conditions, the level of humidity and the geometry of the product to be treated.