Tunnel and Conveyor Ovens


Directly designed on the basis of your product and process, the choice of different architectures will allow adaptation to your installation requirements.

  • Solid or mesh type conveyor belt.
  • Conveyor with braced chains or rollers.
  • Rotary hearth furnace.
  • Alternating, accumulation, push beam.
  • Overhead handling by swing trays, rails or spiral material handling system.

iSpecc will take the time to understand your process, study how you load and unload your parts, to allow integration into your production line.

The air flow and power will be designed to meet your production rate requirements. Our expertise in forced hot air convection and control allows us to offer equipment with very high uniformity, despite edge effects and openings.

The energy sources utilised can vary according to your site capacity; electricity, gas, coolant, steam, fuel oil. We can also incorporate incineration of flue gases and elimination of VOCs.

Our supervision systems provide the user with control and constant viewing of the process, via a user-friendly man-machine interface.

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