SAT have an unparalleled proven track record of supplying the highest quality, most reliable industrial ovens and furnaces. For SAT its 'norma' or a rule. 

Multipurpose Industrial Furnaces and Ovens

SAT's multi-purpose ovens feature all the essential qualities for precise control of your process;
Careful design to allow for expansion with full insulation to limit thermal bridges.
Heated air flow control enabling optimised heat exchange with your individual parts and tools.
SAT thermodynamic engineers calculate the precise heating power requirement specifically for your application.
Control is everything
SAT control systems range from simple PID controls, nanodac digital graphical recording controllers, programmable logic controllers, through to our patented ultimate heat treatment supervisory control and data acquisition system; modular, fully networked and customised to your requirements. Operable on industrial PC's and fully integrated for mobile devices the control systems deliver insight to your process from anywhere on any medium. All systems incorporate the latest safety devices.
All control systems are built in-house by SAT's fully qualified and experienced control engineers and software architects.
SAT's wide range of heat treatments cover (but are not limited to); baking, drying, curing, relaxation, stabilisation, preheating, post-vulcanisation, tempering, thermoforming, drum heating and degassing. Our customised ovens and turnkey services are able to meet the requirements of the most demanding specifications and are designed according to your product and your process.
Loading Systems
SAT Ovens can be supplied with a range of loading systems from simple shelving, trolleys (manual or motorised), rail systems, rotary modular systems and fully automated loading systems.
The fully adaptable design of SAT’s ovens enables your equipment to be upgraded according to your needs; increase in volume, motorised doors, addition of options such as extractor, sealed welded housing, stainless steel sheet metal work and a variety of cooling options. The equipment can be supplied with any energy source; electricity, gas, water, steam or fuel oil in order to adapt to the energy network available in your workshops.

Fast Delivery Times
Standard models from 200 litres to 13.5 m3 are available rapidly.
Compliance to Standards
SAT uses its expertise to develop industrial ovens and furnaces which are user-friendly, safe, accurate and easy to use meeting all relevant standards.
Contact iSpecc who have a wealth of experience in the design and specification of industrial ovens.