SAT specialise in the design and production of Composite Curing Ovens.


Few oven manufacturers comprehend the exacting requirements needed to meet the complex processes essential for composite part manufacture. SAT have invested in research and development to fully understand the dynamic processes and have developed heat treatment equipment and control systems to enable precise, repeatable composite part production without expensive waste.
SAT composite curing ovens are used by the most prestigious aerospace primes, aviation equipment suppliers, automobile and sports companies.
SAT offers a genuine complete turnkey solution, standard or customized, which takes into account all the parameters of the composite curing process;
  • Temperature - precise and controlled thermal cycles (temperature rise, fall and unprecidented uniformity).
  • Air flow - adapted to the weight and shape of your parts and mould tools.
  • Vacuum - from simple draw-off to complete vacuum systems with pump, balanced tanks, filter, measurements and leak testing.
  • Pressure - positive or negative.
  • Resin injection (Infusion, RTM, others).
 Able to exceed 450 °C, SAT ovens allow the use of all thermosetting and thermoplastic resins.
SAT's complete user-friendly supervision control and data collection system, developed specifically for the composites industry, gives the capability to manage all the parameters; temperature cycles, vacuum, pressure and resin injection in a single control unit with encrypted recording complying to SAE, AMS, CQI9 and NADCAP standards.
"Working with iSpecc's partners we can specify a fully integrated solution to include heat treatment via SAT Composite ovens, loading configurations, Resin Transfer Mould (RTM) equipment and advanced mould solutions in a single package".
Contact iSpecc who have in-depth knowledge of composites and many years experience in the design and specification of composite ovens.