The Multi-Roll Carousel Systems

Available in many sizes, styles and configurations.

They provide simple access to multiple material rolls for end-of-table spreading, using minimal floor space. With the press of a button, material rolls rotate around the carousel, stopping on the desired roll.
  • Easy loading system directly from the floor or roller cart.
  • Motorized control.
  • Shielded motors prevent materials from being soiled.
  • Dual controls for loading and operating ease.
  • Single tower, multiple tower or overhead configurations available.
  • Material can feed from either side.
  • Multiple bar diameter depending of your mandrel.
  • The Position of each bar can be adjust every 100mm on handling chain, which gives maximum capacity.
  • Available in one loop version and double/triple loop version depending of weight of rolls and total load on carousel.
  • Maximum weight : 1000 kg.
  • Maximum diameter : 980 mm.
  • Total length : from 2 meters to 6 meters .
  • Linear speed : between 4.00 and 6.00 meters/minute.
  • Panel control :  up/down press button or automatic selector.
  • Power supply :  220volts or 380volts – from 0.55kw to 1.5kw