Introducing the Dwell 280 Pro Autoclave

A cost effective small autoclave for precise composite component production complete with a AMS2750E standard control system. 

The Dwell 280 Autoclave is an affordable solution for education institutions and factories where is saves vast production costs, freeing larger autoclaves from running for small parts.

A highly efficient, low running cost alternative.

Are you running your large autoclaves to produce those last few small parts to meet the delivery deadline? The Dwell 280 Pro saves the wasteful use of fractional loading of large autoclaves, saving, time, energy and nitrogen.

Look at the comparison for variable cure cycles:

Running Cost Comparison Cost Per Hour 4 Hour Cure 6 Hour Cure 8 Hour Cure
Average size composite autoclave £ 57.72 (1) £ 230.88 £ 346.32 £ 461.76
The Dwell 280 Pro £ 0.33 £ 1.32 £ 1.98 £ 2.64
COST SAVING... £ 229.56 £ 344.34 £ 450.12

(1) Figure based on an actual autoclave within a UK Aerospace facility.

Compared to running a medium sizes autoclave the Dwell 280 Pro can save up to £450 on a single cure.

Leading technology with cutting edge design

The Dwell 280 Pro features the latest technology including:

  • A shaft less main circulation fan drive.(A protected innovation) No more troublesome leaking seal repairs!
  • An advanced AMS2750E/NADCAP Complaint iPT - intelligent Process Touchscreen Control System.
  • Built in self contained Hydrovane Compressor.

Specifically designed for composite component production

The Dwell 280 Pro performance:

  • Capacity 280 litres.
  • Maximum Working Temperature 200°C.
  • High levels of Temperature Uniformity to +/-2°C.
  • Temperature Ramp Rates - Fast // Slow - 2.5°c/min // 5°c/min.
  • Maximum Working Pressure 7 bar / 101.5 PSI.
  • Multiple Vacuum Lines.

Controls Features

  • iPT NET Remote Monitoring & Alarm.
  • Programmable Memory Pre-Sets.
  • AMS2750E/NADCAP Data Recording and Reporting.
  • Multiple Part Thermocouples.
  • Vacuum Leak Testing.

After Sales Service Support

Supported by UK network of engineers with 24hour call out facility.

CONTACT iSpecc Limited for further information on the revolutionary Dwell 280 Pro Autoclave