Eastman Combi Router Static Cutting Table

Eastman’s router tool head option delivers heavy-duty performance for thick and dense materials. This system offers a two-spindle tool head in addition to the router for a variety of cutting and routing options. Features such as a pneumatically controlled z-axis and a manually adjustable depth-control function facilitate cutting materials such as soft or hard wood, composites, fiberboard, and a variety of plastics. A large-capacity debris-collection system helps create a clean work environment.

  • Multi-use—Cut, route, and mark
  • Single- or low-ply layer cutting.
  • Two spindle tool holders and a router.
  • Exclusive carbon impregnated anti-static fiber belt for long life and cutting quality
  • Sacrificial routing surface
  • Large capacity router debris collection system.
  • The static table system is available in a range of system lengths and widths to meet the demands for prototypes, one-offs and full-production runs. The system’s high-precision configuration features multi-axis motion for more defined and accurate cuts. Material is spread across the static table by an operator.



Cutting Surface

The standard surface for cutting with the router is a sacrificial routing surface. A supplemental table surface is supplied as a roll-down for use when cutting with traditional blades.

International Compliance Ratings

The operating computer and control cabinet are housed in an ergonomic enclosure that can be sealed to offer dust and water resistant protection in harsh or high particulate environments. Additionally, cabling connectors, servo motors and display components meet recognized international protection ratings requirements.

Made to Order

Available in a range of widths, lengths and various tool head accessory options, the S125 with laser will be built to match your application needs, allowing you to customize the tools and capabilities to maximize productivity.

Industrial Design for Rigorous Use

  • Advanced electro-pneumatic regulator for precise tool pressure control
  • Heavy-duty cable connectors
  • Easy access, sealed doors for inspection and maintenance
  • Heavy-gauge steel construction with scratch-resistant powder coated finish


  • Gantry-mounted, laser enabled indicator light
  • Four remote emergency stops: two on cutting gantry, two system-mounted
  • Additional gantry-mounted stop disks pause system operation until returned to neutral and reset. Operation can then be resumed from any position
  • Tool head is equipped with plexiglass safety window to keep hands free of knife during operation
  • Single turn-off point with a universal power system for lockout/tagout safeguards employees from unexpected start-up





Width 60 in. (1.54m) 72 in. (1.82m) 78 in. (1.98 m) 96 in. (2.44 m) 108 in. (2.74 m) 114 in. (2.90 m). Please contact us for active cutting zone dimensions. Custom widths available.
Length 8 ft. (2.44m) 12 ft. (3.66m) 16 ft. (4.88m) 20 ft. (6.10m) 36 ft. (10.97m)+ Please contact us for active cutting zone dimensions.
Drive System Dual-X Axis, Y-Axis & Theta Axis. X & Y-Axis Rack & Pinion Drive, Brushless Servo Motors
Electric-control power/PC 115/230V, 1 ph, 50/60 Hz, 3.6 kVA
Electric-vacuum blower 208/230/380/460V, 3 ph, 50/60 Hz, 7.5 HP, VFD control optional
Power: Pneumatic 75 – 90 psi at 15 SCFM (5.17 – 6.2 bars at 0.42cmm)
Maximum cutting speed 40 inches/second (101cm/second)
Compressed air consumption 15 CFM
Sound level < 75 db(A)
Operating temperature 55 – 100°F (12 – 37°C)
Humidity 20 – 80% (non-condensing)
Disclaimer Achievable speeds and accelerations are tool, material and thickness dependent. All indicated speeds, dimensions, weights and performance data are approximate and subject to change without notice.