Eastman have 130 years experience supplying engineering-based cutting solutions. An unrivalled heritage of providing high quality, highly reliable and durable cutting machines guaranteeing performance and productivity. Their reputation is built into every machine.

Eastman’s series of automated, computerized cutting systems cut with incredible accuracy and repeatability.

Eastman Eagle C125-6

The systems are available in a range of lengths and widths and complete turnkey solutions to meet the demands for R&D, prototyping and full-production runs. Precision cutting tools offer the utmost flexibility for hundreds of material applications and are proven solutions for even the most difficult-to-cut materials. A wide variety of optional accessory equipment offers maximum adaptability for your system, providing additional tools to streamline associated processes.

Eastman machines cut a wide variety of materials including:

  • pre-preg composites.
  • carbon fibre.
  • upholstery.
  • fiber-fill and foam.
  • vinyl.
  • fiberglass.
  • Kevlar.
  • safety materials.
  • mesh.
  • canvas.

EastmanPRO Software

Eastman have developed a suite of intelligent software solutions which deliver even greater precision, vastly reduce waste and provide significant productivity gains:

  • cutPro - Eastman's dynamic operating system.
  • patternPro - Eastman's design and nesting software.
  • EasiSelect - Eastman's directory for fast selection of material and patterns.
  • visionPro - Eastman's high resolution camera system for precise identification of parts.
  • Computer Digitiser - Eastman's system for tracing and recording parts.

Eastman provide a wide range of feed and spreading attachments:

  • Feeding Systems – An efficient way of introducing rolled fabrics to the cutting table in a relaxed or tensionless state with precise edge control.
  • Spreading Systems – Automatic or manually operated machines.
  • Carousels and Roll Racks – Available in manual or motorized configurations in various roll quantity configurations.

Eastman provide specialized solutions for:

  • Marking and labelling pattern pieces.
  • Lofted materials.
  • Thick or rigid materials.
  • Sealed edges.
  • Angled cuts.
  • Flaw detection.
  • Custom widths and lengths.



Eastman have 1000+ automated systems installed worldwide and tens of thousands of manual machines in over 100 countries.

If you're looking for a cutting solution Eastman can provide cost effective, expertly engineered, highly accurate, robust and reliable equipment. iSpecc will take the time to understand your process and design an optimal solution for your specific requirements.