Work In Process (WIP) Optimization Application

Plataine’s WIP application tracks all aspects of work progress and process completion, providing visibility, real-time status, insights and AI-based recommendations.

  • Automatic tracking of WIP and completion status in real-time.
  • Work progress, process flow and planned vs actual dashboard.
  • Automatic BOP (Bill of Process) learning and optimization.
  • Recommendations based on historical information and process learning.
  • Audio and visual alerts for work stoppages, process delays, and deadlines that may not be met.
  • Work assignment to station based on historical and operational data analysis.

Tracking WIP location, progress & status.

AI-based assistant, reduced bottlenecks, stalls & missed due dates.

Workflow analysis & insights based on AI applied to historical & operative data.

Intelligent dashboards providing insights for operative efficiency & optimization.

The Work In Process Application enhances visibility into work status, efficiency of processes and timely completion of orders.

As orders move from one station to another, the WIP application tracks and logs all operations and also learns the steps and dependencies of each process. Using this information, the application can provide insights and recommendations for operational optimization. The AI engine analyzes shop-floor activity looking for inefficiencies and bottlenecks. This is followed by the digital assistant providing the operator with a list of actions to streamline production and meet deadlines.



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