Quality Control & Audit Application

Plataine’s Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solution collects data via sensors, enabling improved quality control. Advanced AI-based tools provide prediction technology to assist in identifying the root-cause for quality issues. By creating full digital traceability, Plataine’s solution ensures full compliance with regulations and audit processes.

Smart recommendations leveraged to optimize your factory's quality & traceability.

AI-based dashboards provide a bird’s-eye view of information about your factory. Possible scenarios for action: machines or tools may need maintenance; an operator may need further training.

AI Algorithms Analyze the Root Cause of Quality Issues & Defected Parts:

  • Identify defects in real time.
  • Identify defective tools due to lack of maintenance.
  • Prevent use of expired material.
  • Alert users & provide recommendations in real time.
  • The Digital Thread creates a rich digital data-log during the entire life cycle of each product, helping meet the strictest quality requirements.

★ Reduce the cost of poor quality.
★ Higher efficiency - with audit-ready data, it saves time & enables easier audits, logging anything, anywhere, at any time.
★ Improved visibility & traceability - presents complete work order profile.
★ Enabling quality improvement - using Business Intelligence dashboards.
★ Better effectiveness - easy recall of all related assets made from defected materials significantly reduces scrap.




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