Material Shelf-Life Management Application

Plataine’s Freezer Management Software tracks time and temperature-sensitive materials throughout the production cycle such as composites pre-pregs and resins, ensuring higher quality while avoiding re-work and waste.

  • Ensures optimal material selection for jobs based on quality data, properties and status.
  • Prevents the usage of material that is expired or about to expire by the time the work order is completed.
  • Enables complete traceability throughout the entire manufacturing process from raw material to end product.

★ Tracks remaining shelf-life & expiration automatically.

★ Optimizes job assignments based on AI technologies.

★ Prevents material expiration & material waste.

★ Provides complete traceability & quality control.

With shelf-life management, the worker is released from the burden of manually logging and tracking the status of sensitive material. The Freezer Management Software tracks the status, condition and location of all the materials and kits while automatically calculating expiration and exposure time left. The technology uses smart AI-based algorithms that assign the right material for the next work order ensuring the materials used are valid by the time the part reaches the curing phase. This eliminates quality issues related to using expired material in production and as a result, rework and production delays are also eliminated and expired materials will not need to be written off.




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