Manufacturing Optimization Application

Plataine’s Manufacturing Optimization Solutions leverage IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) and AI-based technologies to digitize factories, track tools, parts and material, with full traceability of the Digital Thread from raw material to end-product.

★ Manufacturing throughput increased, driven by Plataine's Intelligent Automation software.

★ Tracking critical assets in real-time using RFID, shop floor sensors & IIoT technologies enhance visibility.

★ Improved quality & quality control by maintaining full traceability of the Digital Thread from raw material to end product.

★ Reduced waste and re-work due to Plataine's Artificial Intelligence algorithms & award-winning optimizers.

With Plataine’s solutions, manufactures can monitor material in & out of freezer time, as well as temperature and humidity sensors for automated and optimized material management.

Plataine’s solutions also maintain full traceability of the Digital Thread, documenting every step in the manufacturing process from raw material to final product. By recording the history, location and use of every item by means of automated identification we always enable the complete improvement of quality control and audit readiness.




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