Cutting & Kitting Optimization Application

Plataine's Cutting and Kitting Optimization Application brings manufacturing efficiency to a new level by automatically creating optimized cut plans (Nesting) balancing between material utilization and kitting operations complexity.

  • Enables automation by integrating with your existing systems.
  • Uses advanced algorithms to dynamically and automatically gather all required information from systems and operators to build the most efficient cutting plan possible.
  • Analyses on-hand inventory, pending work orders and the latest geometries.
  • Adheres to manufacturing constraints at all levels of production: parts, plies, kits and materials.
  • Selects the best material roll for the job (including remnants – short rolls).
  • Maintains complete traceability from raw material to end product eliminating the need for manual paperwork.

Plataine’s Cutting and Kitting solution allows you to streamline all your cutting operations while improving material savings and reducing operations costs. The application creates cut plans based on your work orders, material inventory and latest geometries ensuring quality and efficiency. The result is increased capacity and throughput eliminating errors that lead to quality rejects and re-work.

★ Optimal dynamic cutting plans maximize material utilization.

★ Remnants (Short Rolls) utilization minimize material waste.

★ Complete traceability ensures quality consistency.




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