iSpecc iControl System

iSpecc have created a fully aerospace compliant composite control system with key benefits;

  1. Based on open source software iSpecc iControl means you a never tied (ransomed) to one supplier.
  2. It is easily adapted to bespoke customer requirements.
  3. iControl can use any make of PLC.
  4. Our choice is to use Schneider Electric's Eurotherm hardware which is a cost effective and reliable solution.
  5. Featuring Eurotherm allow us to take advantage of the world leading PID algorithms.
  6. iSpecc iControl includes a full SCADA System for NADCAP compliant data collection.
  7. Detailed Pass/Fail Quality Assurance Reports.
  8. Multi-layered access control.
  9. Featuring Thermal head for faster cure cycles.
  10. *Energy Saving control features. 



iSpecc iControl is an extensive PLC, SCADA hardware and software system fully programmable to customer specific requirements and can be installed on new or existing autoclaves.


BREAKING NEWS: iSpecc iControl is now installed on the dynamic Dwell Autoclave; The world lowest energy use full composite autoclave sold exclusively by iSpecc.

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