Industry 4.0 is here. Understanding the potential impact of correctly specified control systems is vital to gain competitive advantage. First movers will gain a lead others may not be able to make up.

iSpecc have many years experience specifying advanced industrial control hardware and software, providing optimal solutions that deliver significant efficiency improvements.

We design control systems by taking time to analyse your production processes and convert this 'understanding' into a user requirement specification (URS) whilst identifying opportunities for productivity, quality and cost saving improvements. We review the URS with you prior to producing a conceptual functional specification (CFS) and completing the process with a detailed functional specification (DFS).

OK so that's the how but what's the important bit?

iSpecc's control systems aim to achieve efficiencies by giving transparency of information. Real-time data collection is a vital element and importantly data presentation, analysis and interpretation offer significant opportunities to identify greater efficiencies resulting in even lower production costs, higher production rates and 'intelligent' production scheduling. Industry 4.0 allows the collection of data from multiple sources to be presented in formatted dashboards, configured by iSpecc to your exact requirements.

Cost per part, energy use, automated quality verification, environmental impact, overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and total effective equipment performance (TEEP) can all easily be derived from correctly designed control systems with data analysis dashboards adding unprecedented opportunity for increased productivity and lower production costs that ultimately lead to competitive advantage.

The industrial internet of things (IIoT) is set to transform our workplace allowing communication between equipment, devices and people.

However, industry 4.0 represents a change management challenge. iSpecc's extensive business experience can help you meet the challenge.

Our thoughts..

The winners will be the companies that can create a clear path through the technology, partner effectively, use technical knowledge of production processes and equipment to provide a clearly defined solution that realises quantifiable benefits that lead to significant competitive advantage.