Compose group of companies have key expertise in design and manufacture of tools or moulds. In 2013 Compose created CT1, a dedicated subsidiary for the research, development and testing of tools and composite processing.

Compose Tools offer:

  • Design and manufacturing of innovative metal tools/moulds.
  • Design and manufacturing of special machines.
  • Design and manufacture of Heated tools/moulds.
  • Metal & Composite machining.
  • Design, development and engineering of composite and plastic parts.
  • Prototyping.

Compose design and manufacture all tools required to make parts by;

  • Preforming tool.
  • Moulding tool.
  • Bonding tool.
  • Trimming tool.
  • Checking tool.

For processes relevant to composite, plastic & rubber materials. 

  • Integration of tool/mould to RTM equipment and hydraulic presses. 


CT1 offers Tool Testing Services

  • Tools testing (composites process).
  • Design and engineering of composite parts.
  • Composite process industrialization.
  • Composite parts production.
  • Technical & economical analysis.
  • Optimization functions, weight saving.
  • Material strength Calculation (Nastran et SAMCEF).
  • Thermal analysis.
  • Flow Simulations (Moldflow et PAM RTM). 

Simulations and analysis to guarantee production repeatability and quality though;

  • Mass distribution in tools.
  • Material choice.
  • Expansion simulation.
  • Injection points positions.
  • Thermal sources dimensions. 

CT1 operate a 600sqm state-of-the-art composite manufacturing facility comprising;

  • Compression moulding presses.
  • Heated platens.
  • Infrared oven 400°C.
  • Oven 400°C.
  • Temperature controllers (oil/water) from 30 to 100 kW.
  • 1K and 2K injection unit.
  • Vacuum equipment to control RTM moulds.
  • Control & recording means.

Compose have a proven track record of innovation as evidenced by multiple awards.

Compose Group Operate from Bellignat and the Technocampus EMC2 sites;


 Bellignat, France                                                      TechnoCampus EMC2, France