Case Study:

iSpecc ISOJET Provide the National Composites Centre with Innovative, Cutting-Edge, High-Temperature Resin Transfer Moulding Technology

iSpecc with ISOJET Equipements and Compose, have supplied the UK National Composites Centre (NCC) with innovative high-temperature resin transfer moulding injection equipment. The system allows the injection of resins at up to 300°C and at pressures of 30 bar into a specialist self-heated mould capable of curing to 435°C.

High Temperature Piston Resin Transfer System

ISOJET’s fully integrated PLC control system, featuring the most advanced RTM software in the industry, controls the whole process, including both the RTM equipment and the innovative heated mould. The equipment also communicates directly with the state-of-the-art PEI press.

ISOJET Leading RTM PLC Control System

The control system will control each stage of the process including:

  • bulk/de-gassing
  • resin mixing
  • resin heating
  • pressure
  • resin transfer via heated lines
  • vacuum
  • resin flow rates
  • process temperature

The system will allow precision control to +/-3°C temperature uniformity and will reach temperatures as high as 435°C.

Compose Tools supplied a highly specialised carbon steel/chrome mould, incorporating innovative duo-sealing technology and release mandrels with plaques that allow multiple depths of components to be formed. Multiple heat and pressure sensors monitor the process, enabling the users of the equipment to optimise the process.

iSpecc provided tender submission and sales negotiation for the contract and project management including full risk and PUWER assessments, in compliance with UK health and safety legislation.

The system enables the production of composite components using advanced resin systems, such as polyimides, with higher glass transition temperatures than standard epoxy resins. This helps to widen the application of lightweight, strong composite components to use in harsh, high-temperature environments such as in aircraft jet engines. In addition, the system’s ability to process additives during injection will help to improve properties and add functionality to resins, helping to further expand the use of composites to new applications.




Nigel Clifford Lloyd-Jones, iSpecc's Managing Director stated:

We are really pleased to be back at the NCC and providing this innovative equipment which will be available for UK composite companies to learn new cutting-edge methods for RTM technologies of the future