Case Study:

iSpecc Consultancy Identify Solutions & Significant Cost Savings for a Tier 1 Aerospace Services Company

iSpecc's consultancy identified production cost savings of £385,060 per year and savings of over £1million in capital expenditure, for a tier 1 aerospace services company.

iSpecc's consultancy identified the optimal solution that could contribute significantly to:

  • Increased productivity.
  • Increased production capacity.
  • Reduced production costs.
  • Reduced scrappage costs.
  • Lower energy costs.
  • Reduced environmental impact.

iSpecc provided in-depth analysis, market research and technical knowledge, following a methodical approach to identify the best solution for the company.

iSpecc's Solution Identification:

  1. Autoclave Condition Reports.
  2. Autoclave Documentation, Training, Maintenance & Safety.
  3. Risk Register.
  4. Rough Order of Magnitude Costs.
  5. Legislation for Autoclave Modification & Refurbishment.
  6. Manufacturing Processes.
  7. Market Insight to Suppliers.
  8. User Requirement Specification.
  1. Recommendations for Control System Design.
  2. Recommendations for Productivity Increases & Cost Savings.
  3. Recommended Procurement Process.
  4. Recommendations for New Autoclave Procurement.
  5. Autoclave Loading.
  6. Budgeting.
  7. Recommendations Summary.
  1. Autoclave Condition Reports:
  2. Extensive reports including the current condition of each autoclave and their constituent parts, identification of key issues, potential and required upgrades, refurbishment, advice on compliance to legislation, health and safety, training and documentation. These reports greatly assist suppliers to accurately specify and cost new systems and can be used as part of future quotation requests.
  3. Autoclave Documentation, Training, Maintenance and Safety:
  4. Assessment of the company's current manufacturing practices, documentation, training procedures and maintenance regime against legislative requirements, identifying areas for improvement.
  5. Risk Register:
  6. Full identification of risks and assessment of their impact, probability of occurrence and timing. A full risk register indicates priorities for required upgrades and estimated downtime.
  7. Rough Order of Magnitude Costs (ROMC):
  8. Estimated upgrade and control system costs.
  9. Legislation for Autoclave Modification and Refurbishment:
  10. Identification of relevant and extensive legislation the company needed to comply with.
  11. Manufacturing Processes:
  12. Assessment of the company's manufacturing processes with in-depth analysis of Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE), Total Effective Equipment Performance (TEEP) and quality assurance methods.
  13. Control System Suppliers:
  14. Assessment of potential suppliers, including evaluation of the supplier's control systems, market intelligence reports, financial assessments and support capability. This enabled the identification of a long-term supplier to support the company's solution in the future and develop key partnership opportunities.
  15. User Requirement Specification:
  16. A valuable, highly detailed document which identified key requirement features, including prioritisation based on policy/legal requirements, the company's needs for improved processing/immediate benefits and, features which would provide new functionality for all stakeholders.
  17. Recommendations for Control System Design:
  18. Recommendations based on iSpecc's advanced knowledge of control system algorithms, features, data collection/analysis capabilities and hardware considerations.
  19. Recommendations for Productivity Increases and Cost Savings:
  20. Identification of a total of £385,060 running cost and over £1,000,000 capital expenditure savings per year with iSpecc's recommended solutions.
  21. Recommended Procurement Processes:
  22. Introduction of a collaborative partnership approach to realise key benefits.
  23. Recommendations for New Autoclave Producrement.
  24. Assistance with design and specification of autoclaves to achieve optimal performance.
  25. Autoclave Loading.
  26. Budgeting:
  27. Accurate cost-analysis and return on investment projections.
  28. Recommendations Summary.

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