Case Study:

iSpecc & Rodwell Provide Goodwood Composites with a Revolutionary Dwell Autoclave & Control System.

Goodwood Composites, a Tier 1 Formula 1 Supplier, required a small autoclave, with excellent energy efficiency and a simple controls system. iSpecc introduced Goodwood to the perfect solution at the Advanced Engineering Show in 2019; the revolutionary Dwell 280 Autoclave featuring key technological innovations including a maintenance-free shaftless circulation fan, simple plug and play design and a fully mobile solution for easy repositioning.

The Dwell 280 processes small components in an energy-efficient system, using just 9kW per hour and giving Goodwood a cost-saving of up to £68 for every 10-hour cure performed, in comparison with their existing autoclave.

The intelligent process touchscreen control provides a Human Machine Interface, which Goodwood states "is very easy to use, taking seconds to show anyone". The control system logs data and produces cure profile reports, downloadable in multiple formats.

Continued support is provided by a full experienced team of UK service engineers, on-call for immediate dispatch to assist whenever needed and free telephone technical support. A Full Planned Preventative Maintenance programme is included, in compliance with Pressure Systems Safety Regulations 2000.

What Customers Say...

Jason Thompson, Director of Goodwood Composites Limited:

❝ iSpecc supplied the absolute perfect autoclave for what I was looking for.
The purchasing process was painless and we're very happy with the service provided.